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In our constant endeavour to add value for the benefit of our esteemed customers, we have introduced a new service - ‘L-EASE’.

L-EASE is a service that enables the renting of property at Shantigram. Homeowners and Prospective Tenants will find that matching properties with interested parties is now quicker, simpler and more convenient than ever before. And because the rental is routed through us, you can be sure the process will be as seamless, transparent and as quick as can be.

Guidelines for Shantigram Homeowners who wish to rent their properties via L-EASE:

  1. Visit Shantigram's marketing office or email or phone and share interest for renting your premises.
  2. You will be briefed about the prevailing rent of the area, basic requirements that need to be seen through, terms and conditions of renting a property at Shantigram, the L-EASE charges etc. You will also be guided on what you can do to increase the rental value of your apartment.
  3. We will take you through profiles of prospective tenants, and you can decide which ones you feel comfortable about. After all, this is your home you are renting out!
  4. We’ll help you to get your apartment into shape by providing details of vendors who can help you get the job done, and even guide you through the entire process of documentation right till the very end.

Guidelines for prospective Tenants who wish to rent a property at Shantigram via the L-EASE helpdesk:

  1. Collect the Rent Enquiry Form from Shantigram's marketing office.
  2. Fill in your details and meet the rental help desk team
  3. Brief the rental help desk team regarding your exact requirement and find out all the information you need about renting like deposit, rentals, and service charges etc.
    Visit select apartments that match your requirements.
  4. Once you have shown interest in one or more properties, we will contact the owners. If the owner is keen on the rental, we coordinate and schedule a meeting between both parties. If the owner is from outside Ahmedabad, we schedule a telephonic meeting.
  5. Once both the parties agree to proceed further, the contract is drafted, a police verification done and documents submitted. The security deposit and brokerage cheques are collected, and you can move right in!

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