Live life closer to the Lord’s feet

As Ahmedabad’s largest integrated township, Shantigram  is set to be an historic landmark. And no landmark is complete without its own place of worship. A place that watches over its people; a place that they can turn to for peace, guidance and hope.

The Jain community at Shantigram will be pleased to know that their home will be alongside  one of Ahmedabad’s most breathtaking Derasars.  Constructed over a plot area of 6000 sq. yards, the Derasar looks over the serene The Belvedere Golf & Country Club’s Golf Course. Here simplicity and prosperity, pride and humility – all coexist in perfect harmony.


The big stage for your bigger games.

Show off your superiority whatever the sport. A 6-acre athletic field with multi-discipline courts and a football field. And if you wish to go beyond the boundary, the cricket field is just around the corner.


Your victory lap meets your home stretch.

Take to the track to unwind from a long day of stress. A space designed to keep pace with your rage runs and your leisurely strolls.

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